Friday, 18 January 2013

Book Review: In Her Own Words Interview With A London Call Girl By Ruth Jacobs

In Her Own Words: Interview With A London Call Girl, By Ruth Jacobs provides a powerful insight into the existence of an escort. This short book is a transcript of a video interview with Q, and took place in 1998. Q’s words reveal a complex and confusing picture. She started working as a street prostitute at the age of 15 but was (by the time the interview was conducted) working as an out call escort (I.E. a prostitute who visits clients in their home or hotel room). While working the streets Q could see upto 20 men a day. The encounters where brief and there was no necessity for her to be polite. However, as a call girl she sees around 2-3 clients per day and as a high class sex worker must be pleasant to her clients and pretend to be enjoying the sex.
Q’s perspective on her work is very complicated. The first few times she saw customers she cried during the encounters, however she now claims to enjoy the power over customers which her role as an escort entails.
Q says that she enjoys her work while also stating that she misses being in a loving relationship with another person who will love her. While socialising in clubs Q finds that men (knowing what she does) invite her home and want free sex with no emotional entanglements. On the one hand Q indicates that she feels that her work as a prostitute is satisfying, that she does not want or need a boyfriend, however on the other Q’s desire for love is evident in “In Her Own Words”.

(Kevin Morris is the author of The First Time (, a collection of short stories which describes the effects of prostitution on a young graduate, Becky and her fellow escort and friend Julie).      

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