Thursday, 24 January 2013

An Extract From My Forthcoming Novel Samantha

Below is an extract from my forthcoming novel Samantha. The story concerns Samantha, a young woman forced into prostitution by her brutal pimp Barry. The below contains strong language. If you are offended by such language please read no further


Sam pressed the buzzer for flat 22. A fuzzy image of a man’s face appeared, “Hello?” “Its Angel” (as always Sam used her working name. She wanted clients
to know as little as possible about the real Samantha Parker-Jones). “Come up. I’m on the second floor”. The door clicked open and Sam entered a well lit
entrance hall. A shiny metal lift faced her. Sam pressed the call button.

The doors opened immediately. She entered pressing the    button for the second floor. The lift rose soundlessly gliding open on the second floor. Sam stepped
out into a carpeted corridor. Flat 22 was to Sam’s left, at the far end of the corridor as she exited the lift. “Dear Christ please let him not be a nutter”
Sam thought as she pressed the doorbell.

The door was opened by a man in his mid to late thirties with receeding brown hair and a pair of hazel eyes which looked like pin pricks. “God a fucking
coke head” Sam thought. She recognised the classic signs of a heavy cocaine user, the eyes like pin pricks, the constant twitching of Nick’s hands and
his flushed face. “Come in” Nick said opening the door just enough to permit Sam to wriggle through. Once Sam had entered Nick double locked the door and
placed a heavy brass security chain across it for good measure. Sam moistened her dry lips, “Can I have the cash now please then we can have some fun”.
Nick reached into the pocket of his blue silk dressing gown and handed Sam an envelope. Sam opened it and counted the money. £150 for 2 hours, the money
was correct. “Thanks sweetie I’ll just call my driver and let him no that everything is OK then we can relax together”. She called Barry’s mobile. He picked
up on the first ring, he’d obviously been waiting with his mobile at the ready for her call. “Everythings fine”. “OK I’ll get one of the drivers to pick
you up in 2 hours. He’ll be waiting where I dropped you”. Barry ended the call. Sam returned the mobile to her handbag and giving Nick what she hoped approximated
to a genuine smile said “What would you like to do?” “Lets go to the bedroom”.

Sam followed Nick into a big bedroom. Her feet sank into an expensive blue carpet. “I like the bed. We can have some fun rolling about on that” she said.
To Sam her voice sounded false, however Nick appeared not to notice. “Want some coke?” he said pointing to several lines of cocaine neatly laid out on
a small mirror lying on the dressing table. “No thanks honey”. “Come on Barry told me that you are a good time girl, have some fucking Charlie” he said.
The muscles in Nick’s neck tightened and flecks of spittle flew from his mouth. “I would normally darling but I’m pregnant and I don’t want to harm the
baby”. It was a lie but it had the desired effect. “I understand. My friend’s girlfriend is having a baby and she’s given up smoking. Sorry I didn’t realise
that you where pregnant. Congratulations”. “Thanks. Would you like a nice massage?” Nick nodded and flinging his dressing gown over a chair which stood
next to the bed lay down on his stomach. Sam produced a bottle of jasmine oil from her bag and began massaging Nick’s back. As her hands neaded and rubbed
at Nick’s body Sam’s thoughts returned to Peter. He was a lovely man and she so wanted a decent guy in her life. But how could she think about relationships?
Her life was a fucking mess. She couldn’t look after herself let alone anyone else. Even if she did see Peter again how could she tell him that she was
a whore? “Oh my darling I’ve something important to tell you. I’m not really a nurse. I lied about that. I’m a tart. I sleep with guys for cash. Well,
actually I don’t keep much of what I earn. My pimp, Barry takes most of it. Do you still love me?” Sam laughed bitterly. “What is it?” “Nothing sweetie.
Just a frog in my throat. You relax and enjoy yourself. Turn over for me”. Nick turned over. “I want to fuck”. “OK babe but you need to be hard first.
Angel will make you big”. Mechanically Sam rubbed and stroked Nick’s penis. His cock was soon erect. Sam took a condom from the bedside table where she
had left it when she’d entered the room. With an expertise grown of long practice Sam rolled it down over Nick’s erection. She undid her skirt and removed
her knickers. Sam sat on Nick’s penis and began to girate her hips. Nick moaned with pleasure. “Is that good babe?” Sam said her mind elsewhere. She so
wanted to be back in Peter’s gentle embrace. She bit her lip fighting back tears.

With a grunt Nick came. Sam removed the durex. “Can I use your bathroom please?” “It’s just opposite the bedroom” Nick said. “Thanks I’ll take a shower
if that’s OK?” “Fine” Nick replied.

After her shower Sam returned to the bedroom. “Nice meeting you Nick. My driver will be here in five minutes. I’ll go down and wait for him outside if that’s
OK?” Without a word Nick got up, threw on his dressing gown, lead the way to the front door and unfastened it. “Thanks sweetie” Sam said giving Nick a
kiss on the cheek. Once the door had closed behind her Sam gave vent to her feelings. Her body shook with huge wretching sobs. “Driver will be waiting.
Pull yourself together girl” she said to herself. Blowing her nose on a tissue Sam headed purposefully for the lift. 

(To be continued)

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