Sunday, 13 January 2013

An extract from 'The First Time' by Kevin Morris.

Below is an extract from The First Time. The story describes how Becky who has recently graduated from university with a first class degree in English literature enters the world’s oldest profession (prostitution) as an escort in order to clear her credit card debts. Becky has just returned from seeing her first client. During the encounter she provided a “personal service” (I.E. sex).

“Becky unlocked her front door and headed straight for the kitchen.
Opening the fridge she took out a bottle of wine (she neither knew nor
cared about it’s vintage, Becky just needed a drink). Grabbing a
coffee mug Becky filled it almost to the brim and took a huge swallow
leaving it almost half empty and Becky fighting for breath. Taking the
remainder of the wine with her she went into the bathroom and placing
the mug on the toilet lid began to run a bath.
She must have dozed because when Becky opened her eyes she found
herself leaning against the toilet bowl with water dripping over the
side of the blue bath tub. “Damn the thing” Becky muttered as she got
unsteadily to her feet. Reaching into the water Becky pulled the plug
out and, when the water level had dropped leaving the bath half full
she stepped into it. God it was hot but Becky didn’t care. Taking a
scrubbing brush she rubbed her skin until her body hurt all over and
the blood came seeping out. Still Becky could smell the scent of
Mike’s aftershave. His smell seemed to have impregnated her every
Is this how women react when they’ve been raped Becky thought. She
dismissed the idea almost as soon as it entered her head. She had gone
into Mike’s flat knowing that he wanted sex, she’d taken the money and
had provided “a personal service”, god how she hated that phrase!
Knowing that she had consented didn’t make Becky feel any better, she
loathed herself even more …”.
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